Brand Refresh

About ShareIn

ShareIn builds investment platforms that let investment firms and crowdfunding companies connect with their audiences and raise capital online.

ShareIn wished to present itself more clearly and positively to its newly defined target audiences, because of that they needed a new fresh logo that reflected the brand and its tone of voice:

Straight-talking, friendly and light-hearted.


Also, the refreshed logo needed to work better at smaller sizes and as an icon. It is likely to be increasingly applied as a sign-off in the footer of its clients’ investment platforms, so legibility and recognisability when it is not the most prominent element of a page were crucial. I worked with different versions and ideas of the logotype on colour and negative.

Refreshing the brand

For ShareIn, I thought that the strongest idea was to have only a wordmark.

The stand-alone “S.” as the icon will only be used at the smallest display. On small to medium and above sizes the full ShareIn type will be used most. It ́s important to remark that the ̈wave ̈ works as an IN or as a SI, this give the logo more consistency and balance.


This is a work-in-progress project and at the moment we’re working on the brand guidelines and the new website. This project will be finished by the end of November.

Posted by Nerea Altuna

I’m a Digital and UI Designer based in Edinburgh. Currently I’m working at ShareIn but I’m available to work in small projects. Want to work with me? Get in touch!