UI / UX Design

Luzme, the ebook search site

Luzme compares ebook prices in the USA, the UK, Canada, Australia, India and Europe. I’ve been working on that project providing a totally new design for the website and the mobile app.

Luzme, the ebook search site

Thinking about the user flow

Luzme had a lot to think about. I build the Sitemap and the User Flow to know what’s the most important function, what should I improve and how to make it with a nice design. I had to think about how to implement the collection page for recommendations and also the Watchlist, where you add the ebooks you want to check the prices.

Mobile First

I’ve been designing ‘Mobile First’, thinking in how the user is going to use Luzme in his mobile. After that, it has been easier for me translate that into a desktop design. I think that’s really important because most of the users have the habit of use their mobiles for all, instead of the laptop.

Luzme Mobile Material Design

User-Centered Design

I also add some recommendations thinking about how to guide the user through the app and website. Where he want to go? What does he expect to find? It has been a good process to understand UI and UX principles, searching and comparing the best patterns. Trying to improve the design again and again.

Luzme homepage

Color Palette

I’ve tried to keep the brand colours and also adapt them to the flat design. Material Design from Google helped me with that.

Luzme color palette

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