Coop Insurance



Creating the concepts

Psona Social built social media campaigns to catapult brand awareness, enhance customer service or drive sales. As designer, I used to produce anything from style guides for self-implementation to completely managed social media content design.

Working for Co-op Insurance I was responsible for creating illustrations for the Social Content. I used to sketch 3 ideas and after approval resupply them as proper illustrations in the different sizes for the social media channels. Fitting the client requirements and guidelines.

Coop facebook dogs illustration

Applying the Co-op Guidelines

Co-op Insurance has defined strong guidelines in order to have a consistent communication. The illustrations should be used to communicate complex ideas instantly in the most simple and visually interesting way possible.

Coop illustration colour guidelines

I had to use clean minimal shapes and simplify the objects to primary forms of block colour. Basic but never geometric. About the colours, the images should have a minimum of 3 colours to ensure richness and depth. Also, I had to add the Co-op blue to highlight the brand.

Coop facebook kids illustration

Coop facebook traffic lights illustration

Posted by Nerea Altuna

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