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How Much can ClubMed save you?

ClubMed is a company specialising in the sale of all-in holidays. We built for them the ‘How Much?!?’ app. This app sits both on Facebook and their website and is designed to challenge user perceptions that an all-inclusive holiday is more expensive than the DIY alternative.

How much user journey

User interaction and colors

I designed the UI, where users select how much they would pay for each element before seeing what their DIY holiday would cost vs. the, often, lower priced Club Med holiday where activities, meals and drinks are all part of the price, which is quite unique.

During the User Journey, the background colour changes depending on the option chosen by the user. We used the Club Med brand colours: pink and orange for summer and violet/pale blue for winter.

How much brand colors

Showcasing the results

The results page showcases a table with the user results, showing him how much can he save with ClubMed as it’s all included. Also, the app recommends the best ClubMed resorts fitting the user budget.

How much results page

Social Media Content

In order to showcase the app, I had to create different images to be published in the social media channels like Facebook. The tool’s landing page has received 12,000 visits, driven largely by social advertising.

How much facebook post

Posted by Nerea Altuna

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