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UI Design

The Salon

Natalia is a Russian stylist and hairdresser and the owner of a busy beauty salon in my fav city, Barcelona. The salon needed a new freshly website that fits with its clean and elegant new style that also inform about their fantastic services.

Beauty Studio Natali Barcelona Homepage

Wordpress, easy blogging

I used Wordpress as we needed something easy for the manager and the team to manage the website - as they would need to keep the blog updated every week. They also wanted to promote the salon with social media.

Beauty Studio Natali Barcelona Blog

Designing the website

After defining the different sections for the nav bar: Services, Team, The salon, blog and contact. I created in ‘The Salon’ the way to show different categories of photos, depending what the user wants to see: Clients, Before and After, Change of Look and Professionals works. Because a picture is worth a thousand words.

Beauty Studio Natali Barcelona photos

Details, details…

“The details are not details. They make the design.”

I always like to take care of the little details, because it’s the way to difference yourself and build a strong brand. This example shows a map with the location of the Beauty Salon, which appears when you click on ‘Show on map’ at the footer, just near the address. Let’s help the users to find Beauty Studio Natali!

Beauty Studio Natali Barcelona map

Instagram fans, Mobile version

As the most of the traffic comes from Instagram and of course, mobile device, has been necessary to design and develop a user-friendly mobile version with the same functionality as the main website.

Based on their brand colours, I’ve used a color scheme of whites and greys, and pastel pink as accent color. That creates an elegant and clean website that fits their brand concept: the natural beauty.

Beauty Studio Natali Barcelona mobile detail

Posted by Nerea Altuna

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